Emotive Wahrnehmung

10. Novem­ber 2021

“Jin et al. (2007) have deve­lo­ped a theo­re­ti­cal frame­work to under­stand the pri­ma­ry publics’ cri­sis respon­ses, as evi­den­ced by the pre­do­mi­nant emo­ti­on eli­ci­ted by dif­fe­rent types of cri­ses. Four nega­ti­ve emo­ti­ons (anger, fright, anxie­ty, and sad­ness) are iden­ti­fi­ed as the domi­nant emo­ti­ons that are most likely to be expe­ri­en­ced by the public in cri­sis situa­tions.” (Jin et al., 2007)

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